Physical x virtual consumer life
Investment Focus

Double Down targets consumer companies from seed to pre-IPO, writing collaborative checks typically ranging from $250k (seed/series A) to $10M (growth stage) with ability to follow-on through the entire company journey.

I am interested in all aspects of consumer economy, with particular emphasis on companies that blend well physical and digital consumption, such as proto-metaverse and hybrid physical & virtual good startups. I have focused on gaming/entertainment and commerce investments to date but I’m actively evaluating investments in all other consumer subsectors, including consumer health, fintech, and education/development.

Why Me?

I strive to be a “high ROI check” to founders, which I define as high impact (with minimal distraction) that’s disproportionate to the check size – hands off if you don’t need me, but will use 100% of my Polish resourcefulness when you have a particular need.

While every investor talks about differentiation, I believe that thanks to my experiences I spike on non-Silicon Valley network for intros (professional sports leagues, Fortune 500, international, etc.), consumer insights & strategy expertise, and dual venture/late-stage perspective which comes in handy when thinking about topics such as long-term positioning, capital allocation, and exits.

Gaming &
Media &

Consumer Products


Commerce Infrastructure