Welcome to Double Down

Investing in rockstar founders building the future of physical & virtual consumer life

Hi, I'm Mags 👋

(officially Magdalena Kala)

I grew up in rural Poland and cold-emailed my way into the US as a middle schooler. I emailed nearly every boarding school in the US excluding all-boys and military institutions with a pitch asking for a scholarship. Then I watched hundreds of rejections roll in… and one yes. All you ever need to get started is one yes. I moved by myself to the US at 16, and the rest is history.

In college, I co-founded a predominantly female blackjack card-counting team. In the four years before I got banned from every major casino in Las Vegas I went through a life & business masterclass. Those lessons about risk, competitive advantage, and human nature made me the investor I am today. The name “Double Down” is a nod to that formative experience.

I started my professional career on the investment team at Bain Capital Private Equity and have also worked and grown at these incredible places:

Consumer Insights & Growth Strategy
Consumer Insights
Sports & Entertainment
Go-To-Market Startegy & Partnerships

Today I’m a cross-stage venture investor (seed through pre-IPO). I believe that the future of consumer will be defined by the confluence of the physical and virtual worlds – meeting customers with goods & experiences where and when they want them – and I actively seek out startups that share that vision.

When I’m not investing, working with my portfolio companies or writing, you can find me playing squash, getting my butt kicked in krav maga or kickboxing, cheering on the Celtics, hunting for new sneakers, or getting owned by middle schoolers in Fortnite.

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